I-Limb Ultra: Prosthetic Hand Controlled By iPhone App - Assistive Technology Blog
Someone once sad ‘there’s an app for that,’ and they weren’t wrong! In today’s society, everyday life is being made easier by apps on smart phones which can do anything from letting us check our bank balance on the move to helping us avoid the traffic on the school run. But the category that has shown the biggest boom in downloads are the medical apps. These range from apps that can help patients to control their long term illnesses, to apps that can allow doctors to visualise their patient’s x-ray radiographs on the move. One app that has made a big difference to patient’s lives is the iBGStar Diabetes Manager, and other apps like it. They are used by diabetic patients to measure their blood sugar levels and keep track of previous reading to ensure they have good control over their condition. This is not only easier for the patient than the old ‘diary’ method of recording their blood sugars, but it can help their doctors to see how treatment is working for their patient and whether it needs to be changed. The award for the most innovative and life changing app must go to the i-Limb Ultra from Touch [...]