Featured Artist - Joey Serricchio
I believe that the greatest irony is human emotion. Something a delicate feeling can cause traumatizing violence to ourselves and others. I created these figures to embody the space between our abstract emotions and our physical violence. Feeling outside myself most of my life ironically gave me the ability for introspection. This allowed me to critically analyze my internal feelings and the ways they determined my reactions to other people. Realizing this made me wonder how other people's actions connect to their internal feelings. I guess this is called empathy and we all know it intuitively but more often than not we don't care. We see trauma everyday but we also feel trauma everyday this ends up evening our conscious out. I've been drawn to art my whole life, pun intended, and always knew I wanted to create. I struggled with finding how to show what I felt inside until I finally discovered my current style and I never looked back. I’m currently based in Los Angeles working to establish myself in the art community.