Featured Artist - Catharine Deever
“People will forget . . . what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou The images created under my name are collaborative and are fulfilled by the care and concerns I have for those I serve – and for those who have come before me. Although I have an M.A. from Pittsburg State University, my work develops from the “muscle memory” of the talented who taught me “on the job” - the life experiences of trial and error - and my purpose to color environments with comfort and inspiration where people live and work. River Dee Designs is a company (trademark protected) that I founded when I retired in November 1, 2018. Every image created under that name has been originated or transformed by me. I’m a digital artist . . . having acquired my skills on the job and having adapted them as workplace technologies improved. All of my images begin with a photograph – one I have taken personally or has been taken by a family member (e.g. my 90 year old mother, whose photographs date back to the 40’s and 50’s). Then, the image (or images, if the final work becomes a composite) is scanned into my computer where I layer special effects, paint or draw (with an electronic pad and stylus) . . . something new. I thank you for allowing me (and through me, my family) to present our work to you. This opportunity allows me to share our work’s purpose . . . and the point of view that artistic creation begins with the focus on the clients it will benefit.