Featured Artist - Nandan Sam He
Nandan Sam He(GuangDong, 1991) is a Multimedia Artist now lives and works in NYC. My works are fragments of a recovering voyage towards my odd phantasm and nihilistic belongingness. My generation grew up in a perception that reality is the most surreal thing. When everything speeds up, I am floating in a marginalized social structure and falling into a groundless land, incapable of escaping. There is a limited capacity of space in my brain, but extensive information fills in every day. Through painting, performance, mix media installations and animation, I inhabit my subconscious in an intimacy place beneath the past, beyond dimension, echoing by its own present. I am unfolding an irrational order of a hyper normalized conversation. Leading viewers gravitate towards an unconscious force, inhibiting a body part that's not entirely theirs into my abandoned wonderland.