Featured Artist - Michai Morin
I am an artist, a lifelong student of the sciences, an inventor, a ponderer, builder, and tinkerer. I am a high functioning father and husband with Asperger Syndrome. I am also color blind, which people seem to find interesting. These are things that make me unique and I appreciate who I have become. I currently live in the beautiful State of Maine with my wonderful soulmate and our five children. It is difficult to describe my preferred medium. If so pressed, I would describe my art as Abstract Digital Sculpture. It could also simply be Digital Art, or Digital Minimalism. Too many boxes to tick. I enjoy making scenes that play with light, refraction, shape, material, and contrast. I like to think my work invokes a sense of wonder and mystery of what lies just outside the rendered display and the viewer’s perspective. I have studied human vision quite a bit and I try to create small optical illusions of various sorts in each one of my pieces. It is important to me that each time someone looks at my work they see something new or hidden, a detail previously missed. All of my work is printed and mounted onto thins sheets of Aluminum Dibond then coated with 6mm of Crystal Clear Acrylic. My raw scenes are rendered at incredibly large resolutions and dpi to ensure that the prints contain the most amount of detail as possible when mounted as wall panels. The following works are from my 'Sands of Time' collection which, along with other collections, can be viewed on my site.