Featured Artist - Dr. Petra Dippold-Goetz
Born close to Nuremberg I grew up in the city of Albrecht Dürer and have been under the spell of this fascinating artist since I was a child. I attended a private grammar school in Nuremberg and my parents supported my artistic and social-political interest. Meanwhile I studied dentistry, raised my children, built up my own dentist's surgery but I was always passionated about painting. To improve and refine my techniques I started to study Fine Arts at the Academy of Faber-Castell. Inspired by visits of museums all over Europe my art got influenced by 'Informal Art'. My role models are Emil Schumacher, Anselm Kiefer, Alberto Burri, Gerhard Richter and last but not least Jackson Pollock and Franz Kline. I am really into collages of all kinds. I work with acrylic and oil colours. With passion I process heterogeneous materials such as sand, plaster, trash as well as any kind of plastic. Nowadays I receive most of my inspiration from our daily life: politics, ecology and many more. With my pictures I want to express a passionated joy about the beauty of life and the beauty of art. And I would like to draw peoples' attention on current topics and issues. I want to make aware of the problems of our time: environmental distruction, intolerance, oppression and exploitation. The task of an artist can not be only to decorate your rooms, we have to put our fingers in the wounds of our time. That's why I created this series about plastic