Featured Art - Ken Thrift - Artist Portfolio Magazine
Ken Thrift is known for paintings in watercolor, ink, and acrylic. A San José native, he has an intuitive artistic process that began as a child by watching his grandmother, Esther Thrift, create art, including ceramics and painting. This was the catalyst that opened him up to a world of nature and organic presentation. His art is characterized by bold compositions, contrasting shapes, and vibrant colors. His themes are broad and explorative. Thrift received his degree in Art, with an emphasis in Painting, from the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater, where he was also a member of the Wisconsin Watercolor Society. His art has been shown and published in galleries, exhibitions and magazines throughout the United States. He participates in numerous art fairs across the Midwest, including, “Art Fair on the Square,” that draws a quarter million people each year. Ken is passionate about giving back. He has donated his artwork to organizations like United Cerebral Palsy, Primates Inc., and Hospice of Madison, Wisconsin. In addition, he took part in a yearly group exhibition that provides scholarships to recipients at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. His belief is that the world can be enhanced and enriched by art in more than just a cultural capacity; it can help change lives. Ken Thrift is also known as the front man for rock bands Inner Sanctum and Muzzy Luctin and his performances on, Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why,” ID Channel’s, “I (Almost) Got Away with It,” and his supporting role in the indie film, “The Pining,” featuring Tom Sizemore.