Featured Artist - Natasha von Braun
Natasha von Braun was born in Moscow. From early childhood she was fond of drawing, sewing and modeling. In school years she was inventing and drawing comics and made her first amateur film. After graduation Natasha entered the animation course and has received the artist-animator profession having mastered the technique of classical animation. Also she studied the history of world cinema. Some time she was working as a painter in the glass workshop, designer and animation director. The unceasing search for ways to express has led Natasha to new level is the creation of art sculptures. She works with different materials, which she chooses depending on her idea. In artist's portfolio works of porcelain, papier-mache, plastic and mixed media. Her method includes both creative and powerful intellectual beginnings. As an artist, Natasha is interested in the general nature of art, science and religion. And in her projects she strives to reflect it’s interaction. Natasha draws inspiration from personal dreams, cinema and music. Special author's stile is determined by necessity of improvement and striving for inside balance. That is why each work inspires reflection and each artwork has no random elements. "My artistic method is based primarily on the interrelation of the surrounding world with the inner world. Through my work I try to build a bridge between domestic everyday reality and the subconscious, this is somewhat reminiscent of psychoanalysis from the from the perspective of artist. But her there are no instructive theses and abstracts. As in life there are no simple unequivocal answers to all the questions. In my works I try to show the uncertainty, the fragility of human ideas about himself and about the outside world. To overcome such uncertain condition, I like to build a bridge across this volatile and unsteady part of the reality — a person has been getting experience, is feeling something, after then he can either immediately switch to his usual way of life, or turn aside in his intuition in the direction of those sensations that have caught him. And my bridge leads also there. I think that my art method is the architecture of the bridge which is a conductor from the ordinary and reflex reaction to things to the world of intuitive images, symbolic dreams, leading to a more deeper understanding of yourself. And so, by going to ordinary life, I mean an escapism, but an intuitive-sensual world is exactly the way to gain internal stability". The author's portfolio includes two a dozen group exhibitions and more a dozen personal projects. The author’s artworks are in private collections in the US, Europe and Russia.