Featured Artist - Alfonso Lourido - Artist Portfolio Magazine
Alfonso defines his art as narrative. "Since I was a child I've liked to listen, read, watch and tell stories. I truly believe there is not just one medium to do so; on the contrary, there are infinities. My works "tell" stories, not through "one" narrator, but as many as spectators the piece has. This for me is the greatest wealth of "image". The ambiguity that they project, perhaps, is one of the greatest liberties that can be found in art". Alfonso's works also address timelessness: "All my life I saw art, particularly painting, as a unique opportunity to travel to other places, to other times. I always thought: Having this vast possibility why go to a single place or a single era, why not mix everything ". The imaginary landscapes, unique characters and interlaced times of Alfonso’s work are born from this thought. There is also a kind of mythology throughout his work: "I gradually started creating a whole new fauna of symbols that sneak into all my pieces and have their say, their contribution, sometimes in a fully conscious way and sometimes not. The winged fish for me is "the dream" what one pursues, the heart is the passion, the key is the secret, and so they go on. There is not a single or correct interpretation of that symbology, I leave it there for those who want to take it and re-interpret it, which is precisely what enriches and validates it. For me, any work of art is defined more by the vision of the eyes who contemplate it than by those of the author himself". Alfonso's work has an intimacy quality to it that is transmitted to the viewer. As it was a personal invitation to talk both alone; in a silent and close dialogue that makes you “live” his work, rather than just observe it. "I always perceived the artist as a transmitter, a kind of Shaman who brings to this world things that only exist in others. At least that's how I live it, and my work is finally that, a personal invitation to take a walk trough them".