Ehsan Montazeripour - Featured Artist
Ehsan is an Artist and designer from California. He was born and raised in Iran where he studied visual basic of Art, Graphics design, and illustration for four years in the visual basic Academy of Art; and got his BA in Industrial Design from Azad University of Art and architecture in Tehran. Ehsan calls himself a citizen of a universe and life adventure who believes that living in various countries and cities gave him a vision about different cultures throughout the world and this has given him inspiration and the freedom to think creatively beyond common trends and philosophies. Ehsan’s work centers on the humankind and the similarity of challenges regardless of the time and ethnicity differences. He has an original and innovative way of thinking and style that express in a mix of tranquility and balance with the spirit of liveliness. He creates his artwork by mechanical pencil on the paper, implements tons of significant gray shade layers to sculpturing his imagination with notable details. Ehsan works have been displayed in a solo exhibition in Tehran and some group exhibitions.