Szilard Szekely - Featured Artist
From an early age, my life has been rich with culture and art. I was born and raised in Baia Mare, Romania. I was surrounded by paintings that adorned the house, my parents’ friendship with various artists, and a childhood spent near the “Colony of Painters” have inspired and nurtured my passion for fine arts. My first contact with art takes place at a very young when I followed the courses of a local public art school for three years – “The Public School of Art” from Baia Mare. These studies form the foundation for my first successful project. After art school, in 2012, I graduated top of my class the faculty of Fine Arts at the Technical University Cluj, achieving the highest grade for my dissertation and final art piece. This gave me the opportunity to exhibit my work in several collective exhibitions. I became a member of the “Artist’ Union of Romania” in 2015, which confers recognition in the professionalism and dedication to art. In 2016 I completed a master’s degree, achieving once again the highest mark in my year. In the same year I held my first solo exhibition „Life în the Shadowbox” ; which confirms my place amid the artistic scene of Baia Mare and I got recognised by being featured in the commemorative album „120 Years, The artistic Centre from Baia Mare”. My personal artistic challenge is to explore the creative nature of still life. It is a valuable method to represent and reflect on the notion of time and space; as it contrasts with current scientific thinking, the generators of new ideas and technologies; but which can not diminish the extra dimensions given to those objects which are brought to life through our sensory and cognitive experiences, when observing still life. These simple compositions of everyday objects; represent the conceptual nature of the passing of time. Through our human nature we are forever trying to stop time - to make it eternal; therefore only through art that we can, for the time being, bring this wish to life. Perhaps technology; electronics; virtual reality environments will become vulnerable in the future; therefore everything that is stored on memory cards may get erased one day; but art is a repository of active memory through museums; where art remains current.