Mark Wood - 10 Art Competition
Nature is such a powerful and important thing; its why we are all here. All around the world and through the cosmos an incomprehensible amount of things are happening; processes, lifecycles, weather, heartbeats, growth and decay... With rapidly advancing technologies and modern living amenities we are removed from these things and it is increasingly easier to be distracted or forget that these things exist. I am influenced by sacred geometry and natural mathematical patterns such as the Fibonacci sequence which arise vastly through nature. I think it's transcendent, in a world that is so chaotic, nature proves its self to be so consistent. Frank Lloyd Wright said "study nature, love nature, stay close to nature, it will never fail you." In Shinto there are Kami which are of nature and are considered exemplary of what humanity should strive towards. Through combining these ideas, my abstract perception and the use of nature materials I intend to place emphasis on; the vastness and complexities, the order and chaos, and the beauty in the natural world because I think it's important.