James Ritchie - 10 Art Competition
Photography has always been a part of James Ritchie's life, but it wasn't until after he retired that he was able to devote himself to serious photographic endeavors. He has since taught himself traditional and digital photography on the fly and progressed from snapshooting to pursuing it as art. During the last decade and a half, Mr. Ritchie's work has become increasingly popular. His award-winning work is enjoyed by an international audience, exhibited regionally and nationally, and is owned by a growing number of corporate, commercial, and private collectors. James Ritchie's fascination with the massive, powerful dimensions found in heavy industry is palpably noticeable in his striking photographs. They instill thought-provoking contemplation inviting the viewer to consciously see, value, and even celebrate the hidden beauty and architectural grandeur of these overlooked, ignored, and shunned structures and locations. See more work here: