John Schaeffer - 10 Art Competition
After receiving a BS in Commercial Art from Southwest Texas State University, John taught art, drafting, photography, and journalism in an inner-city high school in San Antonio, Texas. While in college, he decided to embrace abstract painting and continued that direction most of his life. Upon leaving the teaching field, John studied interior design and became a professional interior designer. He opened his own design studio and furniture business in La Grange, Texas. A major retail corporation recruited him to become a field support manager managing home departments in 41 stores. When the corporation decided to disband its field support team in 2011, John retired from retail business. In 2010 John decided to revisit his art talent by attempting to move from abstract painting to representational painting in his spare time. Upon his retirement, John was ready to start painting full time. An old friend who was an artist suggested that he think about using cars as subject matter since he had drawn and designed cars when in high school. The desire to be the best at what ever he does has pushed him to constantly improve his skills until his work has now become photorealism. Reflections and chrome have become his passion. He describes his portfolio of work as “An American Love Affair”. John is presently showing in the LUSTER Traveling Museum Exhibit. The traveling museum exhibition, LUSTER: Realism and Hyperrealism in Contemporary Automobile and Motorcycle Painting, is comprised of over 55 paintings by 15 active realists and hyperrealists who specialize in automobiles and motorcycles as their primary subject of choice, in a range of media and scale. Their collective work embodies the very best of automotive painting being done today. It also encompasses a broad range of car and motorcycle styles and design from vintage vehicles of the first half of the Twentieth Century, to the classics of the 1950’s and ‘60’s, to road and track racing, off-road vehicles, exotics, and more. Featuring dazzling paintings that portray a spectrum of vehicles from the first half of the Twentieth Century to the present, LUSTER is a celebration of mechanical and artist design and style, the combination of which will have great allure with audiences throughout the United States. John also won third prize in the prestigious Bold Brush contest in December 2017. Bold Brush is an International On-Line Art contest.