David Hoque - 10 Art Competition
I am an American artist borne in Monterey, California and currently a Magistrate serving the state of Virginia. I am primarily self taught with some formal advanced art training. I have a BS degree from Excelsior College, Albany NY and I specialize in watercolor and colored pencil art pieces. I am a professional member of the International Guild of Realism and the Colored Pencil Society of America and hope to be inducted as a signature member of this organization this year. I have had art pieces juried into both of their prestigious annual international exhibitions every year that I have been a member. I have also been published regularly in Ann Kullberg's "Color" Magazine and her annual "CP Treasures Vol. III and IV", as well as "Colored Pencil Magazine". My primary subjects are still life and some human and animal portraiture. I have a great interest in realism and creating my pieces with great contrasts between light and dark color and tones. I enjoy conveying its balance and how these visionary qualities complement each other. I draw and paint with a heavy hand but with rich, deep color pallets. My subjects are balanced and precise and I tend to favor reflection, fire and objects that are simple but interesting. Its important for me to create pieces from the world around us that the observer can draw dramatic perspective and positive emotion from and walk away inspired by the experience.