L.Ramachandran Lakshmanan - 10 Art Competition
Working with a board variety of media, photography and body painting, fine art photographer L Ramachandran orchestrates a complex artistic profile that emphasizes on the female figure, capturing the beauty and eroticism of the female presence. He is a self – taught photographer internationally recognized for being the first photographer from India to showcase his works in Playboy magazine. His masterful compositions often make use of diverse and even dream- like environments. His works range from architecture, travel, lifestyle, fashion to fine art photography and performing arts. With an excellent use of color and dramatic compositions, Ramachandran creates stunning images with the perfect blend of abstraction and realism. In his works, his exploration of light is fundamental, and he plays with contrast to forge environments suspended between fantasy and reality, erotism and romance. He has mastered the photographic representation of the human form while elevating the female body as the depiction of the universal feminine energy. The viewer is then provoked to follow a journey that goes deep into the psyche, unravelling the mysteries hidden in mind. Capturing the alluring forms of the human figure with his technique of manipulating light the work of L. Ramachandran conquered art critiques and earned him international acclaim. “When I see an unclothed woman, I do not see nudity; I see the beauty of nature, I see god in every female form” “No distance should ever come between an individual and his dream.” “I pick photography as my language; I let it scream louder when everything else kept silent.” - L. Ramachandran