Joe Stavec - 10 Art Competition
Art is not an end in itself. It is a method of creating awareness of the marvelous. Surrealist art reveals invisible secrets and exposes hidden surprises. Surrealism is based on a fascination with the strange and imaginary. Surrealist images evoke the possible, supplemented by desire and dream. There are treasures hidden in the human mind, an ability to bathe everyday reality in a magic light. The animal kingdom remains an enigmatic aspect in each of our lives and plays an important role in the symbolism of the unconscious. Surrealists recognize the illusory nature of rational thought and rebel against it. They hold the mysterious workings of the subconscious in high regard. Reality bows to imagination. I am an American born in 1957. I paint images in oils and watercolors and ink. My artistic influences include Rene' Magritte, Odilon Redon, Max Ernst, Salvador Dali and Charles Burchfield. I am a 1980 graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Lithography.