Quamaine Giles - 10 Art Competition
My name is Quamaine Giles and I am a Visual Artist. I have presented at numerous cultural, communal, and regenerative events, both locally and regionally. I specialize in acrylic painting technique. My artwork varies from acrylic abstract painting to abstract meets still-life. I also utilize various mediums to present my art, such as canvases, sketch paper, murals, and even t-shirts. As an artist, I believe that art is not aligned with a specific medium. Being passionate about art is my purpose, as well as showing people that whatever they believe in can indeed come true. This is what I strive for everyday as an artist. Knowing that I can inspire or uplift someone with a stroke of paint, gives me all the purpose in the world. I plan to continue to lead by example by being the daily motivation and inspiration to those who want to make their passion their life. In order to continue to motivate people through how I live my life.