Hamidreza Alavizaded - Q4 Art Competition
Hamidreza Alavizadeh is an Iranian multimedia artist and illustrator based in Tehran. Born in 1987, he holds a diploma in physics/mathematics and was graduated as an elite student with a Bachelor’s Degree in industrial Design from Azad University of Art and Architecture in Tehran. Since then he has been worked as a designer in products and graphics fields. His practice covers a wide range of projects in drawing, photography, multi media arts, and printmaking. He looks at design with an artistic and inventive twist. Along pursuing his professional career in design field, he participated in few solo and group exhibitions in fashion design, photography and drawing. His significant knowledge and experience in 2D/3D-based software led him to his main interest: digital Illustration and multimedia arts. In his most recent works, Hamidreza makes an effort to recreate Iranian cultural/historical symbols and icons in unfamiliar yet recognizable forms. Hamidreza follows up the work of artists in variety of mediums, from installations and experimental music to street arts and doodling. He is also interested in sub cultures and out sider artists, which are his main source of inspiration. As an artist he believes that art of today is something much more than its traditional forms and is needed to be seen as a broad multi-disciplined concept.