Norman Berman - Q4 Art Competition
Norman has been a “working artist” for over 60 years. Prior to moving to Florida he had exhibited widely in the New York metropolitan area. His work appears in numerous private collections the country. He is in the permanent collection at the Queensborough Community College Gallery. He also has had works displayed at the JCC-Suffolk Y in .Commack, several libraries in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, the East Northport Jewish Center and the Polish Consulate in Manhattan and his work was also displayed in the GE Gallery in Schenectady, NY and at SONY in NYC. Norman is currently a member and on the Board of Directors of the ARTISTS OF PALM BEACH COUNTY. During the past several years he has exhibited his paintings in a variety of APBC venues. In November of 2013 and in June of 2015, he had a One- Man Show at the Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach, Florida and in the Weisman Community Center in Delray Beach,. In May/June 2017 he had a One-Person show at the Art on Park Gallery sponsored by the Artists of Palm Beach County. He showed some 33 works from the 1980’s through 2017. He likes the following quote, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see!" (Edgar Degas). Norman has stated, “As a ‘Subjective Abstractionist’" or ‘Abstract Imagist’ my works develop generally directly on the canvas or the, finished size of my intended image. For the most part I do not have any preconceived idea as to where my “visual adventure will take me. As the work progresses subtle shapes emerge and they become suggestive as to a possible working title.” In recent years he has presented several lecture/power point presentations which included a series called, “Metamorphosis of a Painting” in which he discussed the step by step process from a blank canvas to the finished work. He has also delivered others entitled, “Me and My Crayolas “(a discussion on his color theory and usage), “How to Look at Modern Art”, “Where Did Abstract Art Come From” and “I Wuz Framed” (a discussion as to the concept of “framing” vis a vis “composing” in photography.