Jennifer Brazil - Q4 Art Competition
I was born in Visalia,CA, in 1996 I really discovered my passion for painting. I drew for the majority of my childhood, it was more interesting to me to convey my perspective through vibrancy and a little watercolor. In 2002, and 2003 a wax pig and flying frog sculpture were chosen to be bronzed at the Tulare County Fair. It inspired me to take still life, figure drawing, print making and painting at the College of Sequoia in 2003. In 2004 I started my body art career, following my love of learning and progressiveness, I continued to paint with acrylic and oil. I opened American Tradition in Oak Harbor, WA in 2006 where I was able to display and sell many of my works. In 2009, my love for warmer climate and the desert drew me back to CA which is where I currently reside. Technique I aim to admire works of the past, present and future to portray my own ideas. I'd like to view my art as a variance of abstract surrealistic, with a splash of hyperrealism. I draw my concept onto the canvas with reference of: magazine clipping, ads, photo, etc. I develop my color progressiveness as I move through the painting. Sometimes keeping the lighter rough basis, as my finishing piece. Aspiration and Inspiration Inventiveness comes in many shapes, sizes, but the short of it; experience: people, new, old, emotions, especially humor, scenery, and mountains. Mainly music, the kind you can feel like greasy pizza. The reiteration that we are nature, togetherness, and at the same time diversity. There' and intrinsic progressiveness when selflessness is preserved in time. It is a metamorphosis and transformation of ourselves that doesn't leave you questioning, it resonates strong beauty in small elements.