Brian Flannoy II - Q4 Art Competition
My name is Brian Flannory II. Art (and more specifically painting) is something that I have grown immensely passionate about throughout the years. As an artist, my purpose for painting is to create beautiful works of art that resonate with others in a way that is unique to them. By creating such works I strive to make a name for myself in the art world. The medium that I mainly use to produce works of art is oil paint. I like to classify my works of art as "realistic surrealism". I call it that because almost all my works are referenced from a bunch of photos of animals or people and I take these realistic references and place a surrealistic spin on the actual painting. I love to use combinations that will contrast the subject from the rest of the painting while simultaneously making the piece seem unified, despite the contrast. I place a lot of thought into the colors and concepts of these paintings and I hope that effort is reflected within the piece and seen by the viewer.