Shauna Britt - Q4 Art Competition
Whether I am painting on canvas, photography, creating gem trees or cutting cabochons, I find true inspiration from all things surrounding me. My art is a collaboration of places that I have visited, raw emotion, things I dream of, and daily life experiences. The axiom, “To be truly blessed, you must bless others”, is one I adhere to and believe art can be an outlet to bless others in a worldly manner. I am just emerging as a professional artist even though I have been studying and exposed to it my entire life. My life has been one that has been filled with a lot of loss, depression and anxiety. However, art in its many forms I have found to be the most humbling, gracious, and copacetic outlet I have ever experienced. I hope to be able to spread that experience for the good and betterment of others. I wish that each piece of art can reach someone’s home and bring a smile or share a moment, and possibly help them express feelings that are hidden within.