Summer Bhullar - Artist Portfolio Magazine
Summer Bhullar is a New York City artist of an original genre named Supreme Reality Art. She is a spiritual seeker and her artworks represent her experiences with The Supreme Reality. Summer was born and grew up in India within a spiritual family. Her father is a Mystic and her Spiritual Guide. During early childhood drawing, sketching, and painting came naturally to her. She continued to self learn art and went on to complete her Master’s in Philosophy. She came to the USA in 2009 and began studying art formally at the National Academy Museum & School, New York City. Summer decided to live here as she saw it as the best place to evolve her art and explain it to the world. Summer has exhibited her artwork in several galleries and international exhibitions since 2011 including; Salmagundi Art Club, New York, NY; Sonia Gechoff Gallery, New York, NY; Gallery, New York, NY; Coohaus Gallery, New York, NY; and the National Academy of Fine Arts, New York, NY. Renowned artists and galleries have acknowledged Summer’s art genre as original. Two of her artworks were selected in an international show for solo display in Times Square. In 2014 she was granted permanent residence in the United States on the basis of an artist of extraordinary ability. In October 2015, Summer and her father SupremeRealityGuide Birinder Bhullar co-curated a solo art exhibition in the Pound Ridge Library Schaffner Art Gallery to introduce her new art genre to more in the art world.