Dan Campbell - Artist Portfolio Magazine
My style is most often expressed with vibrant color and bold, sweeping, dynamic brush and palette knife strokes. I describe it as contemporary impressionism with a dash of abstract. The creativity in “blurring the lines” of reality is the signature of my work. I love exploring representational subjects with an abstract twist. I think of painting as part painting and part sculpting. The textures in a painting can play as strong a role as the colors in the creative process. I also mix in techniques like pouring, dripping, splattering, layering, cracking, and scraping in many of my paintings. I use acrylic paint predominantly for its versatility but I enjoy oil also. Music often inspires me as I was a guitar-playing child of the 70’s. But inspiration comes from so many subjects from wildlife to wonderful grandchildren, sailing to sports, figurative to florals and more. With 30 years of pent-up creativity, I could never run out of inspiration!