Jillian Van Volkenburgh - Artist Portfolio Magazine
Jillian Van Volkenburgh is a Northwest Indiana native. Having worked professionally as an educator, an appraiser, a writer, as well as an artist and photographer, these experiences have yielded different perspectives not only towards art, but in everyday observations. She seeks the similarities in contradiction and the subtle reoccurrence of symmetry. Van Volkenburgh’s current focus is on a series based on a culmination of five years of personal transition, including a career shift, seeking a sense of home, marriage and death. These themes are translated into variations of symbolic imagery and ultimately creating a broad self-portrait. She has exhibited in juried and invitational shows, including in New York City, Los Angeles, Portland and Chicago. Her artwork has been published in several art publications including Creative Quarterly, Artist Portfolio Magazine, and Gallery & Studio: New York. Presently, Van Volkenburgh is the Director of Education for South Shore Arts and the Northwest Indiana Symphony Orchestra. She is also a freelance writer.