Christine L. Mace - Photography Competition
These images explore street photography through a modern contemporary lens. I approached the concept of street photography and incorporated aspects of surrealism. My intent was to provide interesting imagery, which told a story without it being choreographed or digitally manipulated. Looking at everyday life and capturing the most interesting aspects of it. The most fascinating part of photography, for me, is to uncover hidden perspectives of daily life in obvious spaces. The unfiltered moments were captured through the use of shadows, reflection, texture, and motion blur. Putting a surreal twist on mundane life. The imagery encourages contemplation and conversation. It is a way for me to open ones’ eyes to the way I see the world. I want to challenge my audiences’ perceptions of seeing the ordinary. I want them to question the normalcy of light and shadows, discovering the optical illusion of a three-dimensional image in two-dimensional form. Contemplate the simplicity of a single object and the dream like state of blurred commuters mimicking the flow of water as they rush through the train station. Each image has a story that is open for interpretation. My goal is to present imagery that provides a hidden discovery, something new every time someone looks at it, a way of continuously discovering the moment in a new way for the first time every time.