Antonio Gonzalez - Q4 Art Competition
For me, painting, collages and assemblages are an escape from daily reality; an approach to a magic and imaginary world where memories of my infancy come out to light through my artwork. Symbols, elements and scenes of my childhood, lost in time, reappear in my dreams and creativeness. Some of them are an opportunity to expose repressed perceptions of this fragile stage of life. Found objects, fragments of antique pictures, engraving and documents are constant in my work. I look for secret codes that sometimes can’t be translated by the viewers. I cover the surface with an old patina to enhance and reflect past time. I choose a very limited palette of color as a reminiscence of my early year in Cuba, where resources were limited to the use of dirt and clay, burlap and wood. I hope my work will awaken the child hidden in each of us.