Holly Savas - Q4 Art Competition
My favorite part of being an artist is finding a way to distill everything I absorb from my environment — the shapes of buildings I see downtown, the light and shadows of trees in Golden Gate Park or the colors of the beach — into a small, concentrated dose of my experiences. Accordingly, work is a visual expression of how I see the world: I tend to view life in abstract fragments, bits and pieces of colors and shapes that float, clash and connect to one another across two dimensions in front of me as I move through my environment. It’s very satisfying to look at a collection of my completed collages and revisit the sensory memories contained in them, all through a filter that exaggerates the best of what I experienced or that perhaps even replaces what I actually saw, with what I wish I had seen. In my work I can make the ocean as blue as I want it to be or I can make it nearly white. I can make skyscrapers out of flower patterned wallpaper or from debris I find on the street. Through my work, can I convert reality into a slightly more optimistic version of itself.