D Richard Ishmael - Photography Competition
I like to do all kinds of art but my first love is photography, particularly black and white photography. I have made Daguerreotypes and platinotypes and also I have explored Kilirian photography. I am currently working with X ray art photography and photos put on handmade paper formed into interesting shapes. The photographs submitted include a Polaroid photograph taken with Polaroid black and white slide film and mildly manipulated in Photo-shop (Man-ray inspired K with integral sign). Two photographs taken with a digital camera , a Canon EOS Rebel XT (Guns of the USS Alabama and Rocks, Snow, Lichens and Branches.). Three separate items overlain on an open scanner (scanography) a fern, Spanish moss and a Black Dendritic Pyrolusite mineral These make up the work titled Three Layers of Fractals. I have participated in Art shows in Lufkin and Houston Texas with a variety of art media.