June Kim - Q2 Art Competition
Red Thread Sculptures A series of my red thread sculptures are my internal visualization about invisible human connection in real space. This allows people to experience my interpretation of social, cultural, and religious human relationships in reality. I was inspired by an ancient Asian belief that an invisible red thread connects all who are destined to meet. I visualized this invisible connection and human relationship in a three dimensional architectural sculpture. By fabricating thread and building abstract shape and form, I built my imagined invisible world which is a surreal human network structure. By sewing and tying the knots, the mystical red thread placed into conceptually layered transparent acrylic boxes represent invisible spaces in human relationships. The diagram of abstract layers and color represent human interaction through social circles in real life. So the sculptures have developed to various different shapes due to the organic nature of human network. This abstract form becomes the outer reality of a visible network from my inner vision. This project is a life long plan in which I can keep expanding, challenging to innovate my own inner vision, and open the possibility of evolving into the next body of work.