Annielly Camargo - Q2 Art Competition
Photography Series Artist Statement: This is a lesson and discovery of resistance to a forced belief, the blinding suffocation and oppression of mistakened peace. She is in a fight against the self of what is familiar and what is uncomfortable. She is a shame to her own form, misplaced along with her name. She clings to all of which she's known in fear of an unwanted revelation. The longing to be unseen while stripped from the option. She would rather melt into the walls despite their sting. Truth takes shape as a burden, holding onto a truth that is no longer hers. The house of peace has shown her the end. How long will it take? Before her hands begin to sweat? And her fingers begin to slip? So that she will sink into her holy book, her ritual, her praise in the presence of my sanctified sin. This is a lesson and discovery of resistance in order to effectively continue to access a world of oppression. This body of work seeks to address the complications of resistance through the female body in conversation with a church. Lines of blame that become blurred, questioning what self demolition looks like, what is institutionally oppressive and how a person can be stuck in between both. Let resistance be the language in the space. Recognition of how women could be robbed from their humanity, pleading to be less of an object. Seeing the disgusting strength of the institution that removes the humanity of the individual and keeps the mind thinking that's how it'll always be.