Don Arday - Q2 Art Competition
Don Arday is a Professor in the School of Art at Rochester Institute of Technology. Don’s work is based on the perceptual effects of association and logic. They are concerned with the unraveling and/or building of recognizable patterns, and a search for meaning in perceptually discovered forms. The composition, surfaces, and elements within the image suggest possible identifiable, familiar human and animal traits, expressions, etc. The images call on each viewer to exercise his or her own set of visual beliefs. The number of elements and inconclusive suggestions for a viewer invite them to constantly reevaluate their perceptions to recognize new content. The process of creating the works involves an investigation into decision-making, connoisseurship, intuition and serendipity. All bear a central role as intangible influences on the effect of a completed work. Viewers are engaged in the process of forming images in an attempt to define their own parameters for the image. The complexity of elements within the images challenges the attention capacity of the viewer compelling them to engage in their own manner of perception, judgment, and discovery. The work is created using several raster and vector based software programs. All forms, textures, objects, and lighting effects are digitally produced.