Inside Trailer | Art Insect Machine
Can the inmates of a maximum security prison unite to rebuild a shattered society? Short trailer for a possible upcoming film project. This trailer is currently entered in a contest to get it made into a film by Media Factory Inc. (MFI). Please vote for it here: Following riots at the Leonardtown Penitentiary, the inmates take control of the prison and hold the guards and other prison staff hostage. Some prisoners leave immediately, terrorizing the residents of nearby Fairley, while the rest attempt to contact the authorities to negotiate reduced sentences and better living conditions in return for their hostages. They get no response and even find all communications with the rest of the world completely cut off. They begin to realize that something has gone very wrong on the outside. A group of prisoners venture out into the desert to investigate but never return. Soon the prison, still well equipped and blessed with a plentiful water supply,