New York State Assemblyman Ron Kim Announces Run for Public Advocate - ARIC CHEN 陳曉天
New York, NY—New York State Assemblyman Ron Kim (D-Queens) today announced his candidacy for New York City Public Advocate. “New York used to be bold,” said Ron Kim. “If you were trying to make something better for yourself and the next generation, New York was the place for you. “But like most Americans, New Yorkers today find themselves in the middle of a crushing debt crisis. It’s keeping people from getting ahead—no matter what they look like, or how hard they work. “And while mega-corporations get billions in handouts, and predatory financial companies continue to turn profits on the backs of working- and middle-class New Yorkers, politicians never address the core problem: our system prioritizes corporations over people. “That why I’m running to transform the Office of the Public Advocate and put people over corporations. “When New Yorkers have nearly $35 billion in student debt, but tens of thousands of them won’t ever be able to pay it back, it’s time to put people over corporations. “When politicians give $3 billion to Amazon, but say we don’t have money to fix our crumbling subways, it’s time to put people over corporations. “When real estate developers get millions of dollars in [...]