Shocking moment car hits woman who slipped and fell while running across a busy road in her high heels - ARIC CHEN 陳曉天
This is the shocking moment a woman running across a busy road in high heels slips and is hit by a car. Daily Mail reports, the startling scene was caught by a security camera in the city of Nogales in the Mexican state of Sonora. In the video, 22-year-old Minerva F.S. can be seen dashing across three lanes of traffic in a pair of high heels. She appears to be distracted and speaking on the phone. She was reportedly rushed to a local hospital by the Red Cross where she was treated for fractures to her left knee and elbow, injuries to her right hand and bruising to her body. She is reportedly in a stable condition. Local media report that she was crossing the busy road just 164 feet (50 meters) from a pedestrian crossing. Related