Chocolate-Covered to Bacon-Flavored: Cream Cheese Takes the Spotlight at Becky’s Bites - ARIC CHEN 陳曉天
In a city where bagels reign, Becky Rosenthal is shining the spotlight on their trusty but often underappreciated sidekick: cream cheese. At Becky’s Bites, an East Village cafe completely dedicated to the stuff, Rosenthal wants to reimagine the humble spread, celebrating its versatility as the perfect clean canvas to build upon. Here, Rosenthal and her husband, Richard, turn cream cheese sourced from the Hudson Valley into a variety of imaginative spreads and bite-sized treats, from bonbon-like cream cheese balls to apple pie-flavored tarts. The shop offers a selection of cream cheese spreads in fun flavors, such as cappuccino; funfetti birthday cake; and bacon, egg, and cream cheese ($1.25 for a 2-ounce tub, $2.95 with a bagel). But it also serves mini tarts, cream cheese-filled cookie sandwiches, and signature chocolate bites—essentially fluffy dollops of whipped cream cheese hand-dipped in chocolate (from $3.50 for a box of three). An anticipated crowd favorite is the Childhood Throwbacks, nostalgic snack packs that come with a cream cheese dip and a dippable companion ($4). Beckaroos are a spin on the beloved Dunkaroos, updated with Teddy Graham cookies and a dangerously addictive funfetti dip, while the Peanut Butter Jelly Time is a classic pairing of salted [...]