Arbor Bistro: Pan-Asian That Delivers - ARIC CHEN 陳曉天
It’s like “Mission: Impossible” to find a Pan-Asian restaurant that executes well a great variety of dishes from Asian cuisine, but Arbor Bistro delivers on the challenge. Located across the street from the Film Forum in Greenwich Village, Arbor Bistro is a great option for theatergoers who need to fill up before or after a screening—or for a casual lunch. Its long menu of classic Thai, Japanese, and Chinese dishes will satisfy any cravings for the bright flavors of Asian cuisine. As an appetizer, try the Citrus Salmon Carpaccio ($9). Slices of salmon sashimi are dressed with garlic and black pepper, then blow-torched around the edges for a hint of char and drizzled with citrus-wasabi sauce. The mix of spicy and tangy is a fantastic way to open up the palate. There’s plenty to choose from among the entrees. The Tangerine Crispy Chicken, a take on the Chinese-American dish, General Tso’s Chicken, is every bit of deep-fried goodness, but with a glaze that’s not too starchy or syrupy ($9.75). There’s a substantial hit from the chili peppers, and tangerine peels are added to inject some tang. If you order this during lunchtime (11 a.m. to 4 p.m.), it’s also served [...]