Homeschooling vs Public School - 5 Differences Explained - A Reading Place
In this video I talk about the five differences between homeschool vs public school. I explain the differences between the traditional public school system and how homeschooling is different. Public school vs homeschool: 1.Flexibility 2. Individualized Education 3. School happens outside the four walls 4. Food 5. Standardized Testing **Disclaimer** I LOVE TEACHERS!!! ALL TEACHERS!!! This is purely a difference between the two types of schooling options. Let’s connect on Social Media: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: PINTEREST: SNAPCHAT: @hrtorres How I make my videos: Camera– I Phone 6+: Tripod– Gorilla Pod Tripod: Apple IMac — Editing: I Movie (free on Mac computers) Lighting: All natural from the big window in my room 🙂 source Originally posted 2018-06-05 20:34:44.