The Dark Side of Publishing for Children: The 1st Roadblock - Fiction Author
Disclaimer: These posts are aimed at those of you who have an interest in the inner workings of publishing for children. While highly rewarding, it's not all glitz and glamor. I intend to infuse the good with the bad to give you an accurate look behind the scenes, not to deter you, but to give you a heads up so that you can be better prepared when you give it a go. ——- Notice how I capitalized and placed emphasis on that? That's because I AM, regardless of what others said, say, or will say. I tell you that because your interest in reading this is likely a result of your own desire to write for children. I commend you. When done right, it's certainly far more difficult than the uninformed realize, but, it is attainable. Provided you can get past this 1st roadblock.