Statue of a presumed deity discovered at Neo-Hittite capital | ArchaeoFeed
A 3000-year-old statue of a female was discovered at the site of Kunulua, also known as Tayinat, in South-East Turkey. The site was the capital of the Iron Age Neo-Hittite Kingdom of Patina. The statue is believed to be an image of one of the Hittite goddesses. The discovered statue (by Tayinat Archaeological Project) The carved head and upper torso of a female figure measure around 1.1 metres in length and 0.7 metres in width. Archaeologists believe that originally the statue would be 4-5 metres high. The identity of the female figure has not yet been determined, but the researchers believe she may be a representation of Kubaba, divine mother of the gods of ancient Anatolia, or maybe a depiction of the wife of King Suppiluliuma, or even a woman named Kupapiyas, who was the wife, or possibly mother, of Taita, the dynastic founder of ancient Tayinat. The object was discovered within a monumental gate complex that would have provided access to the upper citadel of the city. Kunulua,