Maritime explorers discover 16th cent. shipwrecks at Florida's shore | ArchaeoFeed
Waters around Cape Canaveral in Florida, USA, revealed three shipwrecks of Spanish ships yielding numerous interesting artefacts, as underwater explorers surveyed the area. The finds made by the Global Marine Exploration company include cannons and a marble monument in the shape of a coat of arms set atop a pillar. One of the finds off Cape Canaveral (by Global Marine Exploration) The marble monument is engraved with the coat of arms of the king of France. It was identified through a ship's manifest dated to 1562 for the expedition to Florida by Jean Ribault, a French navigator and colonialist. Among the discoveries were 22 canons, which include three ornate bronze ones, of which two are 3 metres and one 2 metres long. The markings on one of the cannons indicates its casting in 1540, during King Henry II of France's reign. The divers also found 12 anchors, a stone grinding wheel, and scattered ballast and ammunition from the ships. One of the finds off Cape Canaveral (by Global Marine