Teachers Counseling & Training Workshop | Apple Group Of Schools | Quality Education System
Apple Group of Schools conducted its first Teachers Training and Counselling workshop which was held on Thursday 3rd August 2017 at AGS Networks head office in Islamabad. Mr.Khalid Rehman, Deputy Director IPS, was the chief guest of the event, who gave his views upon How to be an Ideal Teacher and Principal. Director Academics and Training Mrs. Arooj Saqib delivered a session on Curriculum and its Dynamics. Other members of AGS talked about academics, HR, ERP and the newsletter. The Managing Director AGS Hammad Ghafoor Ghawas shared his vision in the end about the future of education in Pakistan and what Apple group of schools is trying to achieve. The purpose of this workshop was to bring awareness about the curriculum dynamics, teaching, learning , training and what AGS system is all about. The highlights were facilities provided by the AGS group, which include the E-library and E-Curriculum and psychometric test facility that is available to all AGS schools. Another future venture