Automagic * Automation v1.37.0 [Patched] [Latest] | APK4Free
Automagic Premium allows you, to automate your Android device with flowcharts. Automagic Premium helps to automate many operations, for example: -change settings depending on location -send every SMS as a mail to GMail -automatically reply to an incoming SMS -turn off Wifi when the battery is almost empty -turn off Wifi when you leave your home, turn Wifi on when you arrive at home -turn on the airplane mode in the evening and turn it off in the morning (Android 4.2+ requires root) -make weekly backups of files -automagically start recording a task in Gleeo Time Tracker when you enter your workplace and stop recording when you leave and much more… Visit our website and forum for more information: http://automagic4android.com/en/