Easter Island, Part III: Mainly More Pictures of Easter Island | Andy's Travel Blog
Well friends, I tried to cover quite a bit about Easter Island in Part I or Part II of this report. Part II, crazily enough, took place almost entirely on the day of my arrival. When you land and get settled into your lodging, there’s this moment where you sit there and say “ok, now what?” The answer, obviously, was “look at statues.” So I did. As I settled into a muggy bedroom the first night, I had the same question: “What do I do tomorrow?” The answer? “Look at more statues.” Coach, Coach, Coach, Coach, Coach, Coach, Coach The Statues, The Moai Mainly More Pictures of Easter Island Second Morning Oscar, my hotelier, told me that a lot of “crazy people” go out to Ahu Tongariki first thing in the morning to see the sun rise over the Moai. Well I’m pretty crazy, plus I don’t typically get a lot of sleep, so it seemed like a good fit. Sure enough, I awoke at about 4:30am the next morning, read for a bit, then hopped in my trusty little clown car and made my way to Ahu Tongariki. When I got there, it was just me, the statues….and about 100 other people doing the exact same thing. The sun started to creep over the horizon and everyone pulled out the BIGGEST LENSES EVER SEEN ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH and started shooting. It was in the lens area that I felt a little, insufficient. I don’t shoot with a... read more