THE AV INTERVIEW: TAYLOR RI'CHARD (director of The Final Project) | AndersonVision
TAYLOR RI'CHARD: When writing this film, we believed that since most people are fascinated with ghost stories, what better way to tell the haunted legend of Chretien Pointe than by doing it in a “real” way? I felt that found footage would help to establish the haunted plantation as a destination that ghost enthusiasts will want to visit after watching the film. I grew up learning and hearing amazing stories about this haunted plantation in Sunset, Louisiana, which is the town right next to the one I grew up in. The legend was as massive as the grounds that the plantation rested on. I remember being a teenager playing truth or dare with my friends about who would be bold enough to simply drive past the place after dark. So for me it was about telling the story of that plantation by utilizing the “found footage” genre to make it more real for the audience.