Let It Snow! — Amy M. Young
This post is part of the Renaissance holiday blog roll! Find out what it’s all about here! This story is one of the favourites in the pile of holiday fiction that I’ve written about my boys (Also known as the Muses/the Bastards). I hope that it brings some warmth and laughter into your life as it did to my friends when I wrote it. Dan didn’t know what it was about snow, but it always turned his charges into three year olds again. Like today. They’d been making their way to the venue when it had started snowing. Not just your regular snow — the big fluffy type stuff that you rarely see outside of movies and television shows. The snow that dreams are made of. It had taken a mere city block for the four of them to regress to childhood. When they’d left the hotel, they’d been decently dressed, hair brushed. Now, they stood in front of him sopping wet, hair everywhere, and a fine dusting of snow clinging to every bit of fabric. Shaking his head, he smiled at them knowingly. Snow like this happened only once in a blue moon, and far be it from him to deny them some good, clean fun that no one would get in trouble for. THWACK. A missile pelted him on the back. Dan whipped around to find four completely angelic, innocent, faces looking back at him. Turning back, he kept walking but braced for more. THWACK-THWACK-THWACK. Rapid fire missiles fell on his jacket back. Again, four innocent faces faced him that dared him to get angry with them. He turned back around and casually started to walk away, a plan forming in his mind. As they neared the venue, he covertly gathered some snow and formed it into a ball. Letting the boys fall ahead of him, he took aim at Jon, the tallest in the crew and let fly. The snowball arced perfectly through the air towards its target. What Dan didn’t count on was his target, and the others with him, turning and returning fire with two snow missiles each. Inside of seconds, he was coated with snow from head to toe, looking very much like one of his charges, and his snowball? Went wide and missed Jon entirely.