Bridge Players at ACC
Tonight before the men left the Club they spread out the tables in the Lounge. Tomorrow at about 10AM the Joyce (MacCullum), Joan (Cameron) and Lisa (Emery) and possibly Linda |(Harrison) will be at the Club putting table cloths on these tables, putting on a fire, making up little plates of sandwiches and sweets and getting the coffee/tea pots ready for their guests. At 12PM the cars will be parking in our parking lot and 40 very searous Bridge Players will be entering the lounge anticipating an afternoon of fellowship and playing their favorite game. Joyce and Joan have been hosting these Bridge players 4 times a year for the last 4 years. All of our club members have been helping these ladies by cooking squares and making sandwiches or donating money to buy supplies. Members have been coming in at 12:30PM to help clear the dishes out of the lounge and getting them washed up and back in the cupboard and like ghosts disappear to leave these dedicated players in the competent hands of their hosts, Joan and Joyce. At 4PM all are into their coats and cars headed home after a satisfying afternoon with friends.