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This post is sponsored by Hidden Valley Ranch. All opinions and recipe are my own. Styling & photography by me. Coming up with weeknight dinners is such a challenging and can be stressful especially for moms like myself with a full-time job, a Kindergartner, and a small business, and blog. You can only imagine the amount of time it takes to pull off a healthy dinner for your family after a long day at work. So Hidden Valley Ranch has created a unique seasoning mix to help parents prepare healthy, nutritious dinners for their families. This week I am excited to partner with Hidden Valley Ranch to spice up one of our weeknight dinners, and came up with super delicious chicken tacos recipe that’s super easy and healthy! I mean, who doesn’t love tacos, right?! ingredients: • Boneless, skinless chicken breast • Fresh plum tomatoes (diced) • Green bell peppers (diced) • 1 small red onions (diced) • Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning mix • Fresh lime and cilantro directions: In a skillet over medium-high heat, add the olive oil and heat until hot. add chicken breast seasoned with Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning mix, let cook, browning, a couple minutes per side; cover with lid and cook for 5 minutes on high heat. After 10 minutes let cool down then slighting shred/dice chicken. In a small bowl, combine diced vegetables (onion, tomatoes, bell peppers), add in juice of one lime. For my Hidden Valley ranch sauce, (not required) I used two tablespoons of the seasoning mix, lime juice and water, mix thoroughly. To plate, layer your chicken on soft tortilla, add the vegetable salsa, drizzle ranch sauce, and serve with a lime wedge. This was a super easy recipe that is sure to be a hit with the family. It is so easy to make and you can even make the vegetables ahead of time, add some lime juice and refrigerate for use later. Even the chicken can also be prepped ahead of time to save time. I hope you give this recipe a try because it’s simply delicious. If you do make the recipe, please tag me in your post when you try this recipe, I would love to see your take on it! Thank you, Hidden Valley Ranch, for sponsoring this post.