Motherhood: Easter Weekend Recap | Always Creating Blog­™
Sigh! As usual life has been so incredibly busy that being able to share our Easter weekend with you has taken a back seat… what’s the saying? Better late than never, so here goes! I am delighted to share tons of photos from our Easter weekend, which was amazing, from the sunshine to food, to all the excitement around the Easter egg hunt in our backyard, it was truly a weekend to remember and cherish forever! Little A was so excited that she could barely contain herself! So I planned an egg hunt for Little A with over 50 eggs hidden all over our backyard and patio area and it was such a fun time to watch her go through trying to find the eggs….AND, there were golden eggs (we all know about the golden eggs! Lol, it didn’t take long before she found all the eggs. What an amazing weekend with my little family! I am thankful for the Risen Lord for His loving kindness and grace, and for His sacrifice. Easter is a special time for us and I pray we continue to share these precious moments together. xoxo Glor Save Save Save Save Save